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Boryana Katsarova is a freelance photographer specializing in documentary, editorial and portrait photography. She is represented by the Paris-based Cosmos Press Photo Agency.

Lesbos: The refugee crisis in 2015 and the island in 2017

Lesbos, Greece: In 2015-16 tens of thousands of people, escaping war, violence and economic instability in their home countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa arrived on the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Hundreds of people drowned while attempting this sea crossing.The influx of refugees and migrants drastically decreased after the EU and Turkey signed a deal in March 2016 to curb the influx of refugees entering Europe and the closure of the humanitarian corridor known as the Balkan Migration Route. In 2017, landscapes around Lesbos are vastly different - seemingly devoid of human presence when compared with the past two years.